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We Offer Certified Translation

Maria at M. Borden Bilingual Services offers accurate and reliable certified translation services for various documents. With Maria’s expertise, your content will be translated with precision and attention to detail.


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Translation Services

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We Offer Certified Interpretation

Maria provides certified interpretation services, ensuring clear communication between individuals who speak different languages. Whether it’s in-person or remote interpretation, Maria ensures seamless communication in various settings.

Clear, accurate verbal communication for effective understanding

Expert interpretation in meetings, conferences, and medical appointments

Navigate language barriers confidently with professional interpretation services

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Interpretation Services

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We Offer Certified Lesson Services and Tutoring

Maria offers personalized lesson services and tutoring sessions to enhance your language skills. Whether you seek to improve your English or Spanish proficiency, Maria provides tailored lessons to meet your specific learning goals.

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Lesson Services & Tutoring

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Numerous clients recognize M. Borden Bilingual Services as their top choice for language solutions. They trust Maria's expertise for their translation and interpretation needs.

Maria’s commitment to excellence goes beyond mere translation or interpretation. With years of experience and a passion for languages, she tailors her services to meet each client’s unique needs. Her dedication to delivering accurate, culturally-sensitive translations and interpretations ensures that every project is handled with the utmost professionalism and care

How it Works

Our translation services are provided by native speakers with industry expertise, ensuring accurate and culturally-sensitive translations tailored to your specific needs

Order Service

Order Service

Streamline your requests with our easy-to-use service ordering system

Translate Service

Translate Service

Experience seamless translation services with our expert linguist

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Check Service

Ensure accuracy and quality with our meticulous review and verification process

Deliver Service

Deliver Service

Receive prompt and reliable delivery of your translated documents right to your doorstep
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Our business clients prefer M. Borden Bilingual Services for their translation needs because Maria offers excellent quality and personalized service.
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Personal Documents

Trust M. Borden Bilingual Services to provide accurate and confidential translations for your personal documents.

Technical Translation

Rely on Maria’s expertise to convey complex technical information accurately and effectively for your technical documents.

Legal Translation (Coming Soon)

Maria ensures precise and legally sound interpretations for all your legal documents.


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